In modern times, most people have a tracking device installed in their vehicles. And with as many as 1.6 million vehicles reported stolen in South Africa annually, many insurance companies insist on having one installed and can even reward their clients by offering lower premiums if they have a vehicle tracker. But what are the real benefits of having your car or motorbike (or even your trailer) fitted with a vehicle tracking device? Let’s explore 4 other great reasons.

  1. Locating your vehicle whenever you need to

Through the use of communication-enabled devices, telematics can gather information involving moving vehicles which can then be stored, sent or received on those vehicles carrying navigation systems. (Quoted directly from our ‘What is Telematics?’ blog!)

This means that you can find your vehicle any time of the day through the use of the GPS-enabled device. Even if it is parked underground or in a cover parking area. This information can be used to assist the SAPS in recovering the vehicle in the case that it gets stolen and often means that the vehicle can be recovered before it crosses any border or gets taken apart to be sold in separate pieces.

  1. Emergency button

Most, if not all, tracking companies offer the additional installation of an emergency button which can be installed at the same time as the tracking unit. Having an emergency button on hand can be especially helpful if you need roadside assistance or if there is a hi-jacking in progress. This feature allows your tracking company to locate you easily and to dispatch the emergency service that you may need. The silent call for help can be a lifesaver in a potential crises situation.

  1. Data compilation and reporting

Telematics can give you, the owner of the vehicle, a full report on the movements of the vehicle. Not only can it store data that allows you to see where a vehicle has been previously, you can also view the current movements and determine an estimated arrival time while on the road.

Other data includes driver behaviour, reporting on speeds driven, harsh braking and cornering as well as fuel consumption. This allows you to monitor the use of the vehicle for better management and to apply money-saving solutions.

  1. Fleet management

Having tracking units installed into a fleet used for business purposes have been a major benefit to all travel-based companies. Since each vehicle is monitored individually, a manager or owner of a business can identify potential ways of improving the efficiency of their business.

Owners and managers of businesses are able to trace each of their vehicles quickly and easily through web-based applications on a phone or computer. They can implement methods and strategies to improve their business and ensure the safety of their drivers and their cargo. This has proven to be a huge advantage to local business and their insurance companies.

TrackNetics makes us of telematic information to trace all our clients’ vehicles. The team at TrackNetics believe that there is a great demand for vehicle tracking, especially with the current number of reported stolen vehicles nationally. TrackNetics has worked towards establishing a business that is reliable, innovative and that is driven to give each of our clients the best personal service we have to offer and to create custom solutions for their vehicle tracking based on their needs. Contact TrackNetics today for a quote or if you have any questions, we are looking forward to hearing from you.