“Telematics is a translation of the French word “télématique” which was first coined by Simon Nora and Alain Minc in 1978 report to the French government on the computerization of society.[1] It referred to the transfer of information over telecommunications and was a merging of the French words “telecommunications” and “informatique”. The original broad meaning of telematics continues to be used in academic fields but in commerce it now generally means vehicle telematics.[2]“ (Wikipedia)

Through the use of communication-enabled devices, telematics can gather information involving moving vehicles which can then be stored, sent or received on those vehicles carrying navigation systems. With GPS (Global Positioning System) signals being accurate to around 15 or 20 meters, vehicles can now be tracked around the globe with ease.

Telematics in Vehicle Tracking

Telematics offers an extension of information technology that relates to the long-distance transmission of computerised information. Vehicle tracking is mainly used to track the movement and location of a vehicle or fleet of vehicles. This data is collected through the use of GPS which is compiled into information by management reporting tools to be used by either the owner of the vehicle or the business relying on transportation and owning a fleet.

The use of vehicle tracking also offers the end user the kind of information that could help to cut costs, reduce unnecessary fuel expenditures and offers greater security to the drivers. Additionally, tracking units can be used as an emergency button or SOS call in the case that the driver experiences a roadside breakdown or is involved in an auto accident.

Benefits of Having a Telematic Vehicle Tracker

With some of the benefits already mentioned above, being able to find your vehicle at a touch of a button is not only convenient, it also offers you useful information, like distances travelled and driver behaviour. Insurance companies also encourage their clients to have these kinds of units installed as they can offer clients lower premiums due to the fast recovery rate if the vehicle gets stolen. In modern times it has become almost crucial to have them installed as over 1 million cars are estimated to be stolen in South Africa each year.

TrackNetics makes us of telematic information to trace all our clients’ vehicles. The team at TrackNetics believe that there is a great demand for vehicle tracking, especially for businesses who manage whole fleets on a day-to-day basis. TrackNetics has worked towards establishing a business that is reliable, innovative and that is driven to give each of our clients the best personal service we have to offer and to create custom solutions for their vehicle tracking based on their needs. Contact TrackNetics today for a quote or if you have any questions, we are looking forward to hearing from you.

Telematics – “The science of telecommunications and informatics applied in wireless

technologies and computational systems.” (Wikipedia)