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Mileage Reporting

GPS-enabled trip-logging records the distances that you travel and converts it into manageable data. This data can then be used to assist with your personal tax returns or mileage claims.

Emergency Button

We have dedicated call centre agents who will help with any emergency situation, including roadside assistance and in the case that an accident happened.

Management Reporting

This feature supplies you with a summary of each vehicle’s historical movements and patterns.


TrackNetics works alongside our SAPS to assist in all of our recoveries and can even track vehicles when they cross our borders.

Online Tracking

Locate any or all of your vehicles online at any time of the day.

GSM and GPS Tracking

GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) and GPS (Global Positioning System) are used to pinpoint the exact location of your vehicles at any time.


A comprehensive report will be available to you online to track driver behaviours like speeds, mileage and other trip information

Vehicle Management

This allows you to create areas where you do not want any of your vehicles to travel. Our clients are immediately notified through SMS or online when a vehicle travels into a red-flagged area
Our customised data solution gives businesses the tools to improve the safety of the staff, the security of their cargo and cutting down on unnecessary cost expenditures

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