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TrackNetics has worked towards establishing a business that is reliable, innovative and that is driven to give each of our clients the best personal service


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Mileage Reporting

GPS-enabled trip-logging records the distances that you travel and converts it into manageable data. This data can then be used to assist with your personal tax returns or mileage claims.


We have dedicated call centre agents who will help with any emergency situation, including roadside assistance and in the case that an accident happened.

Management Reporting

This feature supplies you with a summary of each vehicle’s historical movements and patterns.


TrackNetics works alongside our SAPS to assist in all of our recoveries and can even track vehicles when they cross our borders.

Online Tracking

Locate any or all of your vehicles online at any time of the day.

GSM and GPS Tracking

GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) and GPS (Global Positioning System) are used to pinpoint the exact location of your vehicles at any time.


A comprehensive report will be available to you online to track driver behaviours like speeds, mileage and other trip information

Vehicle Management

This allows you to create areas where you do not want any of your vehicles to travel. Our clients are immediately notified through SMS or online when a vehicle travels into a red-flagged area
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Our customised data solution gives businesses the tools to improve the safety of the staff, the security of their cargo and cutting down on unnecessary cost expenditures

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  • Pinky
    Hope all is well. On the 6th  December 2018 my car was hijacked from my brother who drives the most of the time. I was panicking  I even forget my registration when I was calling my tracker. I reported  the hijack at 23;00 but the car was found at 12 am. It only took one hour to get my car back. Thank you to the team of  Tracknetics   they were patient quick and helpful to me.
  • Victor Manci
    The day 11th of December 2018 will remain in my mind for a long time. It was at 09:21 when I received a call from my wife informing me that they had been hijacked. This was devastating thinking that I was at work. I did’nt know what to do. I thought of calling the cops but reality sunk in that the car was already gone. Calling the cops was not going to help me that much. I remembered that I have a tracker services with Tracknetics but I did not have their number saved on my phone. Couple of days before this Tracknetics had sent me an SMS informing me about the next debit order date. That SMS included their contact number. I called them and gave them the details they required. They quickly did their confirmation that I was the true owner of the mentioned car. They quickly located the car where it was parked. The lady I spoke to was so helpful she gave me the address where my car was. She told me they were going to send their team to site to collect the vehicle. I had to go to the Police station to report the case. Tracknetics worked hand in hand with the cops to make sure the car was taken from where it was found for the proper inspection to be done by the cops. This was done within an hour. I would recommend TrackNetics to anyone who owns a car. They are reasonable cheap and they provide good service to their clients. I hereby grant Tracknetics the authority to use this e mail for their marketing purposes.  
    Victor Manci
    Liquid Telecom